From ‚the hub‘: Anders Schans

3. August 2023

With the hub by solebox finally opening its doors to creatives from our community, we are committed to shedding a light on some of the projects that have come to life within the space.

One of the first to use the space is Berlin-based creative Anders Schans, who came to ‚the hub‘ last week to work on his drawings. Referencing some of his previous work, he is currently exploring stools as an interactive canvas for his art.

The piece that he created is part of a project, which will see a total of 25 artworks on a stool surface. The concept allows the artwork to be interacted with in an experience-through-usage way.



If you would like to use ‚the hub‘ by solebox for your creative project, head over to our booking tool. Stay tuned to be inspired by more highlights from ‚the hub‘ by solebox.

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