How Vienna’s sports culture references adidas Originals‘ 4D Futurecraft – THE CAGE

  • 2. September 2021

For the launch of the adidas Originals 4D Futurecraft ‚White‘ we connected with the local sports and youth culture of Vienna. So-called ‚cages‘ can be found all over the city and are used by various people as hang-out spots and places to do sports. In reference to the cages (‚Käfige‘), we commissioned Viennese designer @klemens_schillinger to create a project inspired by local running and cage culture. Accompanied by various Viennese artists the project was documented in collaboration with

During the pre-launch event of the adidas Originals 4D Futurecraft ‚White‘, an exclusive photo exhibition will take place at the solebox store in Vienna on September 4th. Various Viennese artists have taken part in accompanying our project. Different photo prints will be on display at the exhibition alongside the object presentation. The official campaign film will also be shown and presented.

The profits from the event will be donated to the benefit of Vienna’s youth and sports culture.

The piece of furniture, designed by Klemens Schillinger, is called ‚Cage Chair‘. The Cage Chair is made entirely from welded steel wire fence material. By folding the fence material and tensioning it with steel wire and turnbuckles the Cage Chair becomes a strong yet lightweight object. All elements can also be found in public sport cages, which can be seen throughout the whole city of Vienna.

Taking a look at the mesh like structure of the adidas Originals 4D Futurecraft sole, we saw aesthetic parallels in the city’s public sport courts (Cages) and its architectural elements.

The ‚The Cage‘ Instore Event

– September 4th at the solebox store, Jasomirgottstraße 6, 1010 Vienna, Austria
– from 18.00 until 22.00
– exclusive pre-release of the adidas Originals 4D Futurecraft ‚White‘
– limited ‚The Cage‘ book for all buyers of the shoe in our Vienna store
– drinks on us, music by Tori

The adidas Originals 4D Futurecraft will be available exclusively as a pre-release at solebox in Vienna on September 4.

From September 7th the shoe will also be available in all other solebox shops and online via