London’s Vans Vault x Aries Pre-Launch Event

#EVENTS #FOOTWEAR This fall, Vault by Vans announced a collaboration with Aries. Founded as a celebration of subcultures, female-focused streetwear and modern creativity, Aries blends modern graphic storytelling with a vintage americana feel and nostalgic sportswear staples.  To celebrate the launch of the collaboration, Vans invited us to London a few days ago for an exclusive pre-event. […]

  • 6. September 2021

How Vienna’s sports culture references adidas Originals‘ 4D Futurecraft – THE CAGE

#COMMUNITY #EVENTS #FOOTWEAR For the launch of the adidas Originals 4D Futurecraft ‚White‘ we connected with the local sports and youth culture of Vienna. So-called ‚cages‘ can be found all over the city and are used by various people as hang-out spots and places to do sports. In reference to the cages (‚Käfige‘), we commissioned Viennese designer @klemens_schillinger […]

  • 2. September 2021

Closing the gender gap with the AJ4 ‚Shimmer‘

#ALLGEMEIN #FOOTWEAR For the release of the Air Jordan 4 ‚Shimmer‘, we’re taking a closer look at women who raise the bar in male-dominated areas. For this purpose, we joined the most talented up-and-coming drummer from Berlin, Philo Tsoungui. Addressing gender stereotypes, she tells us about her breakthrough in a profession that was previously reserved for men.

  • 31. August 2021

Discover our solebox x Antoni Tudisco Capsule Collection!

#APPAREL Unique design and incredibly colorful style. The perfect description for the creations of visual artist Antoni Tudisco. After several successful campaigns with the German-based creative, it is about time for the first solebox x Antoni Tudisco collection!

  • 20. August 2021

The New Balance ‚History Class Pack‘

#FOOTWEAR History, past, stories – the New Balance 574 has its own. The silhouette is probably one of the most iconic and referenced one from the entire repertoire of the brand.

  • 15. August 2021

Reebok x Pleasures: Classic meets grunge

#FOOTWEAR Reebok has teamed up with Los Angeles-based streetwear label Pleasures in its latest collaboration. The result is two pairs of sneakers that take up the Club C 85 and the Club C Legacy. Together with Pleasures, the shoes now appear in a new design and bold colorway.

  • 13. August 2021

RRL by Ralph Lauren – American spirit in each piece

#APPAREL A mix of denim, vintage and casual sportswear inspired by military and workwear is the foundation of Ralph Lauren’s RRL line. Named after Ralph and Ricky’s „Double RL“ ranch, it exudes the American spirit through its timeless charm. 

  • 11. August 2021

C.P. Company: Look through our lenses

#APPAREL Exactly 50 years ago Massimo Osti, a graphic designer from Barcelona, laid the foundation for a brand that today is known especially for textile innovation. With the name Chester Perry began the history of the company in 1971, which was renamed to C.P. Company seven years later. Shortly thereafter C.P. caused one of the most explosive […]

  • 10. August 2021

The New Balance BB550 ‚Sea Salt Pack‘

#FOOTWEAR We all know these situations: sprinting to the train that’s about to leave, your cell phone falling out of your hand, or your favorite ice cream place closing its doors just as you reach it. These are everyday situations that give us a little adrenaline rush and make our pulse beat faster. For those exact moments, […]

  • 12. Juli 2021