‚the hub‘ by solebox – dedicated to the community

1. August 2023

Are you looking for a space to focus on your next creative project? Discover ‚the hub‘ by solebox – a physical space, dedicated to the solebox community.

Located next to the solebox store in Berlin, ‚the hub‘ by solebox is a permanent photo studio and creative space for collaboration and community-driven projects, content and events.

We want to give back to our community by offering a permanent space for creatives to work on their projects. Selected works and projects that have come to life in ‚the hub‘ by solebox will be featured on our social media and blog, providing a platform for young creative talent and to inspire other members of our community to get creative.

In the past, the space has hosted several workshops by artists and designers, such as ACRONYM co-founder and lead designer Errolson Hugh and Berlin-based artist and designer Dennis Buck. It has also been the backdrop of photo shoots by members of the community, such as Kane Holz.

The space is equipped with an infinity cove and lighting for photography as well as a screen, large table and internet access for creative collaboration. The sound system can be used for music playback, and to connect instruments and equipment.

You can book a time slot for your project with our booking tool – just pick a date and provide us with a brief description of your project and contact information. After we have reviewed your booking request, you will soon receive an email confirmation.

Keep an eye on the solebox blog to find out more about projects and events happening in ‚the hub‘ by solebox.