ALL GONE 2023 Signing w/ Michael Dupouy in Barcelona

20. Februar 2024

Last Friday we celebrated the launch of the ALL GONE 2023 with the Author Michael Dupouy at solebox Barcelona. The book series is known for annually covering the finest of street culture.

In celebration of the launch of ALL GONE 2023, we hosted a book signing together with Author Michael Dupouy. During this get-together at solebox Barcelona, the local community had the chance to get their books signed by Author Michael Dupouy and was in good company with refreshments and music by The Voodoo Club.

This year’s edition features cover artworks by New York artist Daniel Arsham. Known for his unique blend of architecture, sculpture, and performance art, his distinct aesthetics take a prominent place on the cover.

The book launch is accompanied, as it has been since 2006, by a tour among the most notable streetwear stores. For the third year in a row, we had the chance to host the event at solebox Barcelona. And again, the local community had the opportunity to have Michael sign their books at the in-store launch of ALL GONE 2023.

ALL GONE covers the most beloved stories and pieces streetwear had to offer in 2023 and serves as a testament to our culture’s pursuit of success and the course it has followed. The ALL GONE 2023 books are now available at all solebox locations.