solebox x MediCom Toy exclusive BE@RBRICK collaboration

#COMMUNITY In 2018 we paved the way for this collaboration by working with Japanese collectibles manufacturer MediCom Toy and Atmos on a three-way BE@RBRICK. Now, as 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of solebox, we have teamed up with MediCom Toy again, this time in an exclusive ’solo‘ collaboration.

  • 3. August 2022

Air Jordan 4 ‚Blank Canvas‘ with Not Another Classic Rug

#COMMUNITY #FOOTWEAR To celebrate the Nike Air Jordan IV ‚Blank Canvas‘, we recently teamed up with Barcelona-based female creative collective @notanotherclassicrug. Together we told their story and brought a separable rug to life, that connects the AJ IV ‚Blank Canvas‘ to an inspiring and inclusive statement. 

  • 16. Juni 2022

Connecting subcultures with sor & Nike AM1

#COMMUNITY #FOOTWEAR Connecting subcultures. Bringing the classical and hiphop world closer together. Removing barriers between high and low cultures. This is what upcoming artist sor envisioned with his latest project called “sorchestra”.

  • 2. Juni 2022

Giving Fresh Air in Berlin – Nike Air Max Day 2022 Recap

#COMMUNITY #EVENTS #FOOTWEAR Last Saturday, we celebrated Air Max Day by Giving Fresh Air together with the entire neighbourhood in Berlin. For this, we teamed up with Nike, After School Hustle and Overkill to connect the Berlin community for a full day of activities. We look back at an amazing event* with inspiring people, co-creations from workshops, exhibitions, music […]

  • 1. April 2022

ACRONYM Dynamics Lab – The Exhibition

#COMMUNITY #EVENTS #FOOTWEAR To celebrate the Nike x ACRONYM® collection, solebox invited the creative community, both physical and digitally, to come together with ACRONYM® co-founder & leader in design – Errolson Hugh. After the co-creation workshop with Berlin Creatives and Errolson, the final designs were exhibited in the hub by solebox on Thursday February 10th.

  • 11. Februar 2022

The hub by solebox presents the ACRONYM Dynamics Lab

#COMMUNITY #EVENTS #FOOTWEAR To celebrate the Nike x ACRONYM® collection, solebox is enticing the creative community, both physical and digitally, to come together with ACRONYM® co-founder & leader in design – Errolson Hugh. ΛCRИM Dynamics Lab is an invitation to emerging creators worldwide to stay curious and embrace their own agency to create.

  • 9. Februar 2022

ALL GONE 2021 Signing w/ Michael Dupouy in Barcelona

#COMMUNITY #EVENTS To celebrate the release of ALL GONE 2021, we hosted a book signing with author Michael Dupouy at the new solebox store in Barcelona. The book series is known for covering „the finest of street culture“ yearly and sold out instantly upon release.

  • 3. Februar 2022

Nike AF1 High ‚Sculpt‘ – Melisa Minca x the hub by solebox

#COMMUNITY #EVENTS #FOOTWEAR Last weekend we merged the creation of unique Nike apparel with self-expression in a hands-on upcycling workshop, together with Melisa Minca in Berlin. In celebration of the Nike Air Force 1 High ‚Sculpt‘, a few lucky winners were invited to learn how to bring their creativity in fruition and connect with like-minded people.

  • 15. Dezember 2021

VAULT by Vans × Leica Cameras by Ray Barbee

#COMMUNITY #FOOTWEAR This November, Vault by Vans partners with Vans pro athlete Ray Barbee and Leica Camera on a footwear and apparel collection celebrating the equipment that enables his creative expression. A Leica ambassador himself, Ray Barbee spends time shooting photos and developing them in the darkroom when he’s not skateboarding in Vans shoes. In keeping with […]

  • 18. November 2021