#RECAP PUMA x solebox – Cool Runnings at the Berlin Half Marathon

12. April 2024

For the 43rd Berlin Half Marathon last Sunday PUMA teamed up with solebox to support the Cool Runnings Club.

For that, the team was decked out in PUMA running shoes, socks, a jersey and shorts. Cool Runnings started hosting community runs in the heart of Berlin last year, focusing on fun and togetherness.

On Saturday, we opened our solebox studio in Berlin to host a little pre-run event for the team. The runners went on a little shake-out run to prepare for the big day and came back to the studio for drinks and food with their friends and family who also had the chance to print their own supporter shirts.

During the race on Sunday, solebox and PUMA hosted a Cheering Zone on Ku’damm, next to the store where people stopped by to cheer on the team and enjoy food and drinks.

While one team member had to bow out due to a knee injury, the rest of the Cool Runnings participants made it to the finish line, braving the asphalt and higher than expected temperatures.