AMBUSH – from statement jewelry to boundary-pushing fashion

22. September 2023

AMBUSH captures the essence of urban dynamism and contemporary style.

Founded in 2008 by Yoon Ahn and Verbal as an experimental jewelry line, AMBUSH is now leading the way in contemporary fashion, fusing elements of streetwear and luxury with a distinctive, gender-defying aesthetic.


Each season, the comprehensive collections boast fashion-forward pieces that appeal to the modern individual seeking bold self-expression. From statement jewelry to apparel, each creation exudes a sense of rebellion and authenticity. The brand’s ability to reimagine traditional silhouettes with unexpected materials has garnered a dedicated global following.


AMBUSH has gained acclaim for its collaborations with renowned fashion houses, artists, and musicians, further solidifying its influence on pop culture. The brand’s spirit extends beyond clothing, transcending into a lifestyle that resonates with those who appreciate pushing boundaries. AMBUSH continues to redefine norms and break conventions in the ever-evolving fashion landscape.

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