MBCY Read to Wear: BEAMS Plus

1. September 2023

BEAMS Plus is a tribute to the golden era of American fashion. The sub-label of Japanese retailer BEAMS meticulously studies the origins of basic clothing items that make up the modern wardrobe to bring forward innovative designs with authentic detail.

Opening its first retail space in Tokyo’s Harajuku district in 1976, BEAMS was one of the first retailers to stock Western styles and international brands in Japan. The department stores had a major impact on the development of Japanese fashion and style.

During the mid-1940s to mid-1960s, the booming US economy paved the way for mainstream fashion. Mass production capabilities created a uniform look for traditional clothing, military clothing, workwear and sportswear.

Today, the BEAMS Plus line celebrates these styles, drawing inspiration from specific themes – from 1950s East Coast resort wear to 1960s preppy Ivy League style. Each collection focuses on details such as the cuts, patterns and materials to truly reflect the styles from that golden era.

BEAMS Plus regularly collaborates with different like-minded designers to update timeless classics for the future. Whether it’s tapping Loopwheeler’s Satoshi Suzuki for traditionally manufactured sweatshirts, Engineered Garments’ Daiki Suzuki for old school four-pocket military pants or Warehouse’s Kenichi and Koji Shiotani for faithful reproductions of vintage five-pocket denim pants.