MBCY Read to Wear: Take a trip to Sky High Farm

8. September 2023

Sky High Farm Workwear is a very unusual fashion brand. The ready-to-wear line was developed with Dover Street Market to sustain and expand the work of a non-profit farm.

The project was founded by artist Dan Colen in 2011, after he purchased a farm in Hudson Valley, NY. Committed to sustainable farming practices, the Sky High Farm donates 100% of the produced fruit, vegetables and meat to food access initiatives in the state of New York.

In 2019, Sky High Farm partnered with Dover Street Market to create a ready-to-wear line of workwear-inspired looks. DSM manufactures, sells and distributes the brand with the mission of generating funding for the farm.

By activating consumer culture, Sky High Farm is working to increase access to fresh, nutritious and locally produced food and invest in long-term solutions for food security. Of the profits generated by the brand, 50% goes directly to the farm, while the rest goes to the employees before going back to the investors.

Furthermore, the regenerative agriculture practices fight against climate change through local ecology, soil health and water conservation. Sky High Grants encourages small farmers to adopt these sustainable farming practices by providing them with grants, particularly in BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities.

As consumers increasingly seek out brands that align with their values, Sky High Farm stands as a beacon of mindful luxury, inspiring others to embrace a more conscious approach to fashion while sparking a conversation about the importance of responsible consumption.

On its mission, Sky High Farm has collaborated with the likes of Comme des Garçons, Balenciaga and Converse as well as Supreme, Brain Dead and Cactus Plant Flea Market.