MBCY Read to Wear: Yuppie-Core

17. Juni 2023

During the early 1980s, educated and qualified boomers started entering the job market in flourishing Western economies. These career-oriented, corporate-ladder-climbing and materialistic city dwellers were labeled “yuppies”.

The term describes young urban professionals with high income jobs – a desirable role. In an affluent society, individuals like to flaunt their wealth in the clothes they wear, cars they drive and places they travel. Yuppies dressed for success in power suits wearing Swiss chronometers, driving German sports cars and flying to The Bahamas for their vacations.

Following the crash of the stock market in 1987, the blame was pinned on the greedy yuppie and dressing like one quickly went out of style. But fashion is cyclical and now that the stigma has almost worn off nearly 30 years later, yuppie-core is a thing.

Of course, the economy is currently struggling with the effects of several crises going on around the globe. Nevertheless, a new generation of fashion-conscious young urban professionals wants to appear well-off and successful.

With the concept of quiet luxury, the way in which this generation broadcasts its wealth has changed. The modern yuppie casually wears tasteful button up shirts with faded jeans, designer trench coats, loafers and jewelry.

We’ve curated some of our favorite yuppie-core pieces available at MBCY right now.

Needles Sport Jacket

Keizo Shimizu’s passion for Americana aesthetics and Japanese craftsmanship come through on the Needles Sport Jacket. The brown wool blend jacquard with subtle pinstripes offers a sophisticated look for between seasons.

Our Legacy Sonar Roundneck Sweater

With its seasonal offerings of Scandinavian styles, Our Legacy understands quiet luxury. Made from 100% silk, the Our Legacy Sonar Roundneck knit sweater is a prime example of the Swedish brand’s minimalist aesthetics.

Norse Projects Algot Oxford Monogram Shirt

Known for its range of minimalist workwear-inspired styles for every season, Norse Projects finds itself at the crossroads of casual and elegant. With its blue and white stripes, the Norse Projects Algot Oxford Shirt is simple but not plain.

Acne Studios 2003 Jeans

Loose fitting, straight leg, washed jeans are as Yuppie as it gets. With its classic cut and light blue vintage design, the Acne Studios 2003 jeans tastefully takes the backseat for the rest of your understated outfit to shine.

Birkenstock Naples

Birkenstock has been providing comfortable footwear with its signature anatomically shaped cork-latex footbeds since 1774. The moccasin style and soft suede leather upper make the Birkenstock Naples the perfect casual yet elegant footwear choice to match faded jeans.

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