Milton Camilo keeps on moving with the Reebok LT Court

23. Dezember 2022

Alongside Reebok, solebox met with Milton Camilo to talk about life and why it’s important to keep on moving.

Milton Camilo is an artist and dancer from Brazil. His passion in dancing led him to Germany in the late 1990s. Besides that, Milton uses painting and drawing to express himself too. He uses his passion for both disciplines to inspire people around him.

The Reebok LT Court is a perfect example of Reebok’s timeless DNA. The 1980s style got reveived in early 2022. LT is the designation for leather – the main material of the shoes upper. Suede elements in beige to contrast the white leather give the silhouette a certain structure. While one pair has uplifting yellow details, the other one features the backtab, a tongue tag and a Reebok-branded window in mysterious black.


Both Colorways of the Reebok LT Court represent Milton’s ways of expressing himself through art – with the yellow one being as colorful and attention-grabbing as his art, while the black detailed pair looks elegant and sophisticated.

The Reebok LT Court is available now via