Nike AJ1 ’85 Event Recap

  • 13. Februar 2020

Last weekend we held an exclusive launch event in Berlin on the occasion of the coveted Air Jordan 1 ’85 Varsity Red release. This time we took it one step further and as always wanted to offer our community a very special experience! 23 limited boxes were buried on an abandoned area in Berlin, which we converted into a solebox-excavation-site. The participants received various extras, such as a branded overall, a spade with logo print and a helmet. They were then allowed to dig out their shoes plus boxes after we fully equipped everyone.

A couple of days prior to the event we announced that you need to get an access-wristband for the secret location to participate in our event. The only possibility to get your hands on the wristband: register via our blog to be updated about the secret pick-up location. An email with the pick-up point was sent out on Saturday at 3:00 PM.

We were highly impressed that already a couple of minutes later a large crowd arrived at our pop-up in Berlin Friedrichshain. In the blink of an eye the first 23 wristbands – that secured the lucky winners our exclusive special packaging but also the participation in the digging experience – were already gone. The remaining volumes were handed out in a short time afterwards as well – all participants quickly made their way to the final location at the Berlin Postbahnhof and waited in front of the fences for our event to begin.


Inside the location, a construction-site was built up that resembled an excavation area including branded diggers, tents, footbridges, spades, spotlights and of course music and drinks. The special boxes were dug up by the participants and the remaining participants of the event were also able to watch and take a closer look at the area as well.

We hope you all had as much fun during our treasure hunt and digging event as we did! Shoutout to everyone who joined us and see you next time.