Nike Air Max BW ‚Persian Violet‘ reunites with the mad scientists

16. September 2021

The BW is the bonkers one in the fam. Developed for those dedicated to creating the brilliantly bizarre. For the people in our society who never hold back and don’t care what others think. To celebrate the release of the Nike Air Max BW ‚Persian Violet‘ on September 24th, we joined @toobrokeforfiji and @rosamargadahl, who both live the Bonkers lifestyle in their own unique way.

With Nike’s new Air Max BW we celebrate the mad scientists and the lifestyle of subcultures. Three decades ago, the shoe appeared, throwing all expectations out the window. Born in the underground, he never cared what people thought. He was there for the scenes, not to be seen. And that’s what gave him the thrill.

He was designed to cause big eyes. The shoe brings back the craziness of years past. Back in the 90’s and early 00’s when shoes were loud, colorful and crazy. Just like Bonkers. Their energy is palpable and wants to be expressed through the Air Max BW. 

Nico (@toobrokeforfiji) is a personality that embodies the Bonkers lifestyle. Just like the Air Max BW, Bonkers are special, unique. They are edgy. Unpredictable.
Nico is a rapper and member of the rap community BoloBoys. However, he does not settle on one genre, but is influenced and inspired by all types of music. In addition to his music, he is a tattoo artist and is already known for his genius bizarre sketches. He is deeply rooted in the hiphop and rave scene, where he is known for his alternative approach to life.

Rosa (@rosamargadahl) is someone who expresses her brilliant madness through her craft. She is known for her colorful art. She associates each color with a different mood and is able to communicate and express herself with their help. She runs her own fashion label, which is based on recycled materials.
Commitment and visceral energy are in everything she does. She does her own thing, regardless of the opinion of others. The true Bonkers lifestyle

The Nike Air Max BW ‚Persian Violet’ features maximum cushioning, a soft foam midsole and airy mesh accents to keep you comfortable, while the Persian Violet accents on the heel collar, Swoosh and around the Air element give the tasteful style an energetic look. The perfect shoe for breaking the boundaries and being different.