solebox & Reconstruct to celebrate the Nike Dunk Low Disrupt through the power of the female collective

28. August 2020

In order to celebrate the upcoming launch of the Nike women’s Dunk Low Disrupt, we teamed up with Reconstruct, an all-female fashion collective from Amsterdam. With 5 unique and powerful female individuals uniting forces, they make the perfect partner to work with on this project, as the legacy of dunk was built by bold individuals redefining the rules – different in every way, but united by their beliefs. We gave Reconstruct the opportunity to design a capsule collection inspired by and made from the new Dunk Low Disrupt, and to produce a corresponding editorial. As a little teaser of the project, we sat down together with Reconstruct and talked about their inspiration, work and visions.

Since its hardwood debut in 1985, the Dunk has always been different. From redefining the rules, to defying all expectation, Its legacy was built by bold individuals, Banding together to make their mark. Different in every way, but united by our beliefs. Proof that there is a power in solidarity, that gives us the strength to stand apart. To those who remain true to that vision, the Dunk remains, True to your Crew. 

Can you tell us a bit more about who you are, and what you stand for as Reconstruct?
We are Alyssa, Kim, Laura, Michelle and Sanne, we are 5 female creators who joined forces 4 years ago after organizing our own graduation show at the Academy we studied together. We started out as a rebel squad and continued to be just that. We want to make a change in the fashion system. Our collections are made from overstock fabrics, overstock clothing from other brands we collaborate with or from second hand clothing. After 7 collections we have decided to head a different direction and focus on projects such as this one instead of making collections every season. We want to break free from this old way of working.

What do you want to express with your collections, and what are you trying to achieve?
Our collections are always very conceptual. We want to tell people a story through our creations. We usually write up an entire fictional story based on 5 characters (us in different universes) and start designing from this story.

What are your main sources of inspiration and how do you stay inspired?
Everything that’s happening around us in the world. We take elements of what we feel like are accurate and important shifts in society and translate this in our fictional stories. I don’t think it’s possible to ever not be inspired. So much is happening; good and bad. We always try to keep our stories very light and positive with fun characters, but all of the stories have deeper meaning.

How did you get the ideas for the solebox Dunk Disrupt collection? How did you choose the pieces you created?
We got the idea to create 5 pieces that would make an outfit together. We each took one of the different Solebox stores as inspiration. We didn’t want any distractions, so we chose to make them all white, to really focus on the detailing. We all chose a piece to make that we thought could capture the Dunk in a whole new light. Alyssa made an umbrella, Kim made a large shopper, Laura made a flap hat, Michelle a corset and Sanne made pants. When the pieces come together it forms a whole, which could be looked at as a metaphor for the different materials coming together forming the Dunk Disrupt.

What do you think about the Nike Dunk, and especially the Dunk Disrupt silhouette?
The Nike dunk of course is a classic silhouette that never gets old. It’s a bold sneaker that always catches the eye. We love how the Disrupt is slightly reworked, it gives the shoe a whole new vibe. The mix of materials makes it really interesting, it looks kind of reconstructed, which of course is something we are drawn to.

You will be able to see the entire collection by Reconstruct and the accompanying editorial on August 31st. You will have the chance to win the whole collection together with your female crew – but until then, stay tuned!

The WMNS Nike Dunk Disrupt will launch in three different colorways on September 4th online and instore at all solebox stores.