Tennis Classics with a twist: Reebok’s Club C 85 ‚Terry Tongue‘

  • 17. Juni 2021

For Reebok, tradition and authenticity are paramount: instead of focusing on fancy, futuristic models, the brand prefers to stay true to their roots and presents a new iteration of the Club C 85 – an iconic classic from the 80s. To the delight of retro fans, the silhouette has hardly changed compared to the 1985 model, but a few technical details that provide comfort and grip have not been spared.

Reebok upgraded the iconic tennis classic from 1985 with a new feature: Terry Tongue – a comfortable terry cloth lining. This material is not just used to line sneakers, it’s mainly known as the soft woven fabric that is used in towels. While they’re not part of a player’s uniform or equipment, the towel plays an essential role in the sport of tennis. Between sets, players head to their bench to take a breather, and use their towels to wipe the sweat from their body, or to escape the pressure of the game by draping the towel over their head and finding their focus for the next set.

For this pack of Club C’s, the brand took inspiration from the towel and introduces a new feature: the Terry Cloth tongue. Soft, comfortable, and a unique update to the iconic Club C.

The two colorways are an homage to one of the first major color updates of the Club C, which were introduced in Spring 1994. The colors reference two European Grand Slam tournaments. Both silhouettes feature a leather upper, EVA drop in, Terry cloth lining and -material on the tongue.

The Reebok Club C 85 ‚Terry Tongue‘ is now available via and instore at all solebox locations.