soletalk #05: Sole DXB and Air Jordan XI Bred with @creationsofla

  • 10. Dezember 2019

Last week we spent some interesting days in Dubai for the annual Sole DXB. During our stay we explored different corners of the city and checked out some of the most relevant stores to give you exclusive insights about the Dubai sneaker community. On top of that we met with local creative @creationsofla to talk about the convention, the local scene and created outstanding content for the upcoming release of the Air Jordan 11 Bred.

In addition to the beautiful weather and the incredible architecture, Dubai also has a lot of interesting stores and shopping opportunities to offer. Here are a few insights from the stores we visited on site.

To get a closer look at the sneaker scene in Dubai, we met and entertained @creationsofla while creating content for the upcoming Air Jordan 11 Bred release.

Who are you and what are you doing?
I am a visual artist, photographer and creative consultant. I am founder and creative director of Control Room. I am best known for creating imagery and directing shoots with top celebrities and brands. 

We are here for Sole DXB – Tell us something about the sneaker community in Dubai
The sneaker community in Dubai is very small but is vastly growing. It was at first a very self nurtured movement, but events like Sole DXB bring people in the sneaker culture together. Sole DXB not only helps grow and push sneaker culture in this region, but Is also a really good platform for brands to introduce themselves into this market. I feel with this, Dubai isn’t far away from having a larger and more certified sneaker community. 

From your point of view – What’s the difference to Europe or the US?
If compared to Europe or the states, we are behind. We do have movements and small communities that are aware and do keep fully in line with what happens in the EU and US. But as a whole, comparing the foundations, events and communities we are lacking that presence. I wish we could do more, Sole DXB is one of very few events that focus solely on street culture. Other than this, we have to wait a year for this to happen again. 

What is Sole DXB adding for the local sneaker/streetwear-community?
It helps immensely, it’s one of the main events that brings the entire community together. Not only for the lovers of the culture or the sneaker heads, but the Middle East in general. I have met many people at the event from Saudi Arabia and all surrounding GCC countries, that’s the effect it has. Sole DXB, I would say is equivalent to Complex Con in LA for this region. But I feel Dubai needs events like this more than just once a year.

What’s your connection with Jordan brand and how did you get in touch with the brand?
I have always seen people around prioritising Jordan, the hype and loyalty around the brand is second to none. But when I was first introduced to AJ1’s it was something I always admired from afar, unfortunately it wasn’t something accessible to me at the time due to financial reasons. I always admired the impact Jordan had around the world, this never went unnoticed for me, literally every kid wanted to be Like Mike. My first pair of Jordans were gifted to me about 6 years ago, they were a size too big but I still rocked them. Jordan brand got in contact with me this year after I was asked by Nike in 2018 to create content for the launch of the biggest Nike store in the Middle East. They loved my content and wanted to continue working with me. This is the beginning of a new relationship with me and both brands.

How do you interpret the unite approach of Jordan brand?
As I previously said, the community is small. It’s small because the people are divided, but when they come together and unite it changes the foundation of the sneaker culture in Dubai. Jordan is using its platform to bring unity for those who love Basketball and sneaker. It means a lot to us, as there are many of us. It’s time for us all to come together and build bigger on something that’s already there.

Any last words?
I believe in this city and all the surrounding regions. There is so much potential here, the growth of this city is unmatched in the world, even since I’ve been here. And as this city grows it is likely to adapt and advance faster than anywhere else too. Dubai is the future.

The Air Jordan 11 Bred will be available from Dec. 14th online via and instore at all solebox locations from US 8 – US 12 for 200 €.