SUBviennaCULTURE pres. by Nike Sportswear x Carhartt WIP

  • 4. Dezember 2018

With the upcoming launch of the Nike x Carhartt WIP collection on Dec. 6th, we aim to give young talented artists from Vienna a stage to shine. Leveraging the Viennese underground lifestyle and rich local art scene, we asked six authentic faces to interpret the products through their individual art approach. Creating whatever they like, drawing their inspiration from the products.

A week prior to the launch, we met up with some of the local artists to learn more about their artistic background, their passion for art, their motivation in participating in this special project and how they are going to interpret the Nike x Carhartt WIP launch their personal way. They showed us around Vienna and even took us to their holy studios already providing us a secret preview of their art works.

On December 5th we would like to invite our Viennesse community to our solebox store honoring each artist’s work around the Nike x Carhartt WIP launch. While some of the artists will exhibit their finished art work, the others will work on their piece of art straight at the event to give the audience a chance to be part of their creative process.

So we welcome you to step with us on an exciting journey exploring Viennese art subculture seen through the eyes of our six authentic local artists @paul.busk, @sskirl, @kyros_kyros, @silvaflandez, @amoakoboafo and @fatis_gram.

The art works will be exhibited in the gallery of our solebox store Vienna for another two weeks before they will be auctioned to help homeless Viennese people. From the streets – for the streets.  A special thanks to all our local artists to make this possible.

The whole Nike x Carhartt WIP collection will drop Dec. 6th in all our solebox stores and online.