The New Balance ‚History Class Pack‘

15. August 2021

History, past, stories – the New Balance 574 has its own. The silhouette is probably one of the most iconic and referenced one from the entire repertoire of the brand.

The shoe was created from a combination of two of its predecessors, the 575 and 576. The silhouette combines a typical New Balance running shoe with a street shoe. Despite wanting to create a more affordable shoe that would be more accessible to more people, the brand stayed true to its philosophy of comfort and performance. This made the iconic model one of the first true ‚go-anywhere‘ sneakers. 

Whether walking for hours through the city center, a picnic in the park or browsing history books in the library, the New Balance 574 is the perfect companion. Not only, it matches through its clean look to all outfits, but also impresses with its wearing comfort. 

Not for nothing, the shoe became the brand’s most iconic model without ever advertising it. The fact that the popularity of the shoe is purely by word of mouth and he convinced only by its quality and not by elaborate advertising efforts, speaks for itself. Fittingly, New Balance had the slogan „endorsed by no one“ to go with it.

The New Balance 574 ‚History Class Pack‘ will be available soon online via and instore. The sneakers show up in their typical silhouette and two different colorways that provide a vintage feeling. Check it out and see why New Balance’s cult shoe got its title.

Unfortunately, due to delivery problems, only the 574BA2 will be available – the second model will follow in the coming weeks.