A day with RIP Swirl and the Dr. Martens Ramsey Monk Kiltie Creeper

19. Februar 2024

Dr. Martens has a rich history of producing creepers since the 1980s. This distinctive silhouette has experienced numerous resurgences within various subcultures, particularly within grunge and punk communities.

For the release of the Dr. Martens Ramsey Monk Kiltie Creeper, we teamed up with Berlin-based artist and producer Rip Swirl to showcase both the shoes and his work from diverse perspectives.

RIP Swirl’s journey from playing in bands and exploring his style to becoming an integral part of Berlin’s music scene is a testament to his dedication and talent. Rooted in a deep connection with instruments, particularly his guitar, RIP Swirl draws inspiration from the tactile experience of playing and the raw spontaneity of cassette recording. This connection with the physicality of music infuses his work with a unique texture and authenticity.



Throughout different moments of the day, RIP Swirl effortlessly showcases the versatility of the Dr. Martens Ramsey Creeper, seamlessly transitioning from creative studio sessions to urban exploration and moments of reflection.


Discover the Dr. Martens Ramsey Monk Kiltie Creeper at solebox Berlin and solebox Amsterdam locations. Coming soon via solebox.com⁠