Air Jordan 4 ‚Blank Canvas‘ with Not Another Classic Rug

16. Juni 2022

To celebrate the Nike Air Jordan IV ‚Blank Canvas‘, we recently teamed up with Barcelona-based female creative collective @notanotherclassicrug. Together we told their story and brought a separable rug to life, that connects the AJ IV ‚Blank Canvas‘ to an inspiring and inclusive statement. 

Not Another Classic Rug is the brainchild of two creative minds from Barcelona that can’t stop creating. Aixa Sanuy & Lidia Ansio design and make custom hand-made rugs that you don’t want to step on.

They love to transform classic objects and accessories into a blank canvas to explore new forms and express their creative ideas. Not Another Classic Rug was born in the middle of 2020 when the world was stopped by a pandemic.

Together with the female designers from @niceshitstudio we teamed up with @notanotherclassicrug to create a rug which is inspired by the outsole of the AJ4 Blank Canvas.

The idea behind our rug is that it consists of multiple rugs which are intertwined with each other. Each rug has its own shape and unique colour palette, representing its own unique personality and culture. With small positive-minded eyes on each rug, we want to not only highlight inclusivity of women, but also unity between cultures.

The rug will be displayed on June 17th during an instore event at solebox Barcelona and given away to members of the local community via a live raffle on-site. During the event, the female duo from @notanotherclassicrug will share their story and answer questions.

Above all, we want to have a good time with our local community, come together and celebrate this release as one. Those who have bought the AJ4 ‚Blank Canvas‘ will have the possibility to win one of the unique rugs. Numbers will be drawn by the female duo at the end.

Join us on June 17th at our solebox Barcelona store from 6 PM – drinks on us. We’re looking forward to welcome you. The Air Jordan IV ‚Blank Canvas‘ launches online and instore at all solebox locations on June 17th.