ALL GONE 2021 Signing w/ Michael Dupouy in Barcelona

3. Februar 2022

To celebrate the release of ALL GONE 2021, we hosted a book signing with author Michael Dupouy at the new solebox store in Barcelona. The book series is known for covering „the finest of street culture“ yearly and sold out instantly upon release.

Last Friday, we had author Michael Dupouy, who is famous for the book series ALL GONE, at our solebox store in Barcelona for a special event. During the in-store release of ALL GONE 2021, the local community had the chance to have their books signed by the creator.

„This new book continues to witness the creative force and abnegation that defines our beloved culture and the gamut of its industry“, Michael Dupouy said. „Being able to adapt to technological progress with foresight has always given this culture a progressive edge. Consequently, 2021 has only accentuated its leadership in understanding and dominating the world of tomorrow“.

The new issue ALL GONE 2021 is expected to release at other solebox locations in the upcoming months.