The hub by solebox presents the ACRONYM Dynamics Lab

9. Februar 2022

To celebrate the Nike x ACRONYM® collection, solebox is enticing the creative community, both physical and digitally, to come together with ACRONYM® co-founder & leader in design – Errolson Hugh. ΛCRИM Dynamics Lab is an invitation to emerging creators worldwide to stay curious and embrace their own agency to create.

On Saturday February 5th in the hub by solebox, a newly launched community space that connects and enables the creative community, solebox held a 3D heel clip customization workshop for select creators in Berlin. Here, each creator designed a personalized heel clip for the Blazer Low, together with the support of Errolson Hugh and 3D specialists.

On Thursday February 10th, an exhibition at the hub by solebox in Berlin will present the ten 3D printed design results from the workshop. Additionally, the exhibition will showcase the creators’ process (from tactile play to 3D-printed heel clip) and serve as a get-together for fans and creators involved.

Opening times: 10 February, 17:00 – 20:00 CET
Location: the hub by solebox, Nürnberger Str. 16, 10789 Berlin
COVID-19 regulations: 2G+

The exhibition will be accompanied by the launch of a digital open-source platform to provide insights into the project and present more on the emerging Berlin creators and their unique heel clip designs:

solebox will host the open-source 3D files and make these files available to download and 3D print for all ACRONYM® fans worldwide ­– extending ΛCRИM Dynamics Lab into an open-source platform for global creativity.

The Nike x ACRONYM® launch includes a reinterpretation of the classic Blazer Low. Featuring custom ACRONYM® logos across the tongue, liner and heel, Hugh’s ghillie-patterned branding nods to camouflage systems. Each sneaker includes two removable TPU heel clips – a first for the Nike Blazer Low – and lends a customizable and futuristic take to one of Nike’s most esteemed heritage looks.