Connecting subcultures with sor & Nike AM1

2. Juni 2022

Connecting subcultures. Bringing the classical and hiphop world closer together. Removing barriers between high and low cultures. This is what upcoming artist sor envisioned with his latest project called “sorchestra”.

For the release of the Nike Air Max 1 Light Madder Root, we joined sor on his journey to bring classical music to the youth. His sold-out live show proves that the barrier between what is deemed as high and low culture does not have to exist.

In preparation for his concert in the famous “Concertgebouw” in Amsterdam, he put together an orchestra and choir of 53 young musicians from Codarts Rotterdam School of Fine Arts. To energize the sold-out show and give back to all involved creators, we equipped everyone with the Nike Air Max 1 Light Madder Root, which is releasing June 16th.

Sor’s debutalbum “Bae Doven” combines samples from classical music together with his own music and lyrics. Wibi Soerjadi, S10, Ray Fuego, Sef and Jiggy Djé are some of the names sor worked together with on his debutalbum. The album is inspired by Beethoven and combines classical music with hip hop.

Sor is one of the most promising upcoming artists from the Netherlands. In addition to rapping and singing, sor also composes and produces music. When he suddenly went deaf in 2018, his world came crashing down. He gets his inspiration from musicians like Chopin, Mozart, Debussy, Satie and especially Beethoven, who just like sor, had hearing problems.

With this project, sor wants to show that the barrier between the high and low cultures do not have to exist and he wants to build a bridge between both worlds and target audiences this way.

The Nike Air Max 1 Light Madder Root releases on Thursday, June 16th. Stay tuned for a chance to buy a pair.