From the court to the street with Lacoste

20. Mai 2022

The codes and culture around sport are an ongoing obsession for Lacoste’s creative director Louise Trotter, informing her dynamic approach to Lacoste as a veritable pillar of French sportswear. 

Drawn from the world of tennis – the brand’s very lifeblood – to cycling, basketball and other city sports, the spirit of movement, lightness and functionality is paramount in her design process. By considering the convergence of sporting uniforms with our everyday lives, the collection blurs the lines between performance and aesthetics for a streamlined response to summer in the city.

The aeration and ventilation of garments are explored with mesh logo paneling and vented inserts explored across cycling vests, tracks shorts and basketball tanks.

A selected variation of apparel and two colourways of the L003 model will be available at solebox & MBCY from May 23rd.