#DEERUPT // Berlin

  • 22. März 2018

The third location on the solebox grid is the most impactful. Literally. No one less than Berlin legend @theserottendays brought the DEERUPT grid under the skin. Documented on film by @kanescans.

The grid. The essence of DEERUPT. And the foundation of everything. It connects places and people. So we used our European framework of stores accordingly and established a combination of artists and content creators in three solebox cities to create unique creations inspired by DEERUPT.

There are good concepts and there are not so good concepts. But there also stories that go right beneath your skin. DEERUPT is literally one of those. Infamous tattoo artist @theserottendays took inspiration from the ever surrounding grid and created an unique piece of skin art for eternity.

Photographer Kane (@kane / @kanescans) – almost a member of solebox family – visited him in his Berlin studio. Catching the vibes of the Kreuzberg hood, both creatives created extraordinary content. If you would have needed another proof of the impact of modern day footwear to lifestyle and culture, here you go.

Check the behind the scenes video here: