#DEERUPT // Brussels

  • 22. März 2018

The second stop of our European DEERUPT Tour led us to the financial capital Brussels. We brought together the uprising dance squad PANDA CREW with the hyped young-gun @owaishsb.

The grid. The essence of DEERUPT. And the foundation of everything. It connects places and people. So we used our European framework of stores accordingly and established a combination of artists and content creators in three solebox cities to create unique creations inspired by DEERUPT.

When it comes to street culture, dancing is definetly one of its core pillars. Reason enough for us to enter a completely different field of art. Local dancers from PANDA CREW put the DEERUPT to the test when it comes to flexibility and comfort. But most of all, they developed a unique choreography inspired by the revolutionary new DEERUPT concept.

Featured by Highsnobiety and equivalents, young and talented @owaishsb followed the squad to Brussels‘ hot spots and captured their performances.

Check the behind the scenes video here: