GIVEAWAY: solebox x Birkenstock ‘The Corduroy Project’

29. September 2023

The Corduroy Project draws inspiration from the Birkenstock Corduroy Style Pack with two exceptional pieces of furniture designed by Markus Töll that showcase not only the beauty of the tufted textile but also the comfort that defines the Birkenstock brand.

The Vienna-based furniture maker crafted a chair and daybed that seamlessly integrate into contemporary living spaces. Under his creative moniker ‘Supersedia’, Töll designs original metal seating concepts with a subtle yet unmistakably postmodern aesthetic.

The Toledo chair with its distinct low-sitting profile, unfolds its commanding mass through its prominently sculpted front section. The sinuous steel plates with the elliptical upholstery evoke an intriguing relationship with orbital space with a sense of graceful equilibrium.

The furniture pieces will not be available for sale. However, we have partnered up with Highsnobiety Design to give away one of the custom-designed Toledo chairs.

Head over to Highsnobiety Design’s Instagram profile to find out how you can win. Good luck!

The Birkenstock Corduroy Pack is now available via and all solebox locations.