‚the art of manifestation‘ with solebox x Ju Schnee

2. Oktober 2023

solebox announces a new exhibition in the gallery at solebox Vienna by interdisciplinary Austrian artist Ju Schnee. To celebrate ‘the art of manifestation’, solebox will be hosting a vernissage on October 5th.

Ju’s art is a dialogue between the abstract painted world and the physical object, experimenting with different media combined with traditional paintings and sculptures.

Ju Schnee

Hailing from Graz, she started her own studio in Berlin in 2020 before relocating to Vienna in 2023. The independent artist has exhibited her work internationally in Germany, South Korea, Switzerland, USA, Spain, France and Belgium.

Ju Schnee

Alongside the exhibition, solebox and Ju Schnee have collaborated on an exclusive T-Shirt featuring her artwork. The T-Shirt will be available alongside 3D prints of her sculpture.

Ju Schnee

Join us at solebox Vienna on October 5th from 7PM for a night of art, music and culture with Tori Reichel behind the decks and drinks courtesy of Stiegl Braukunst and Fritz Kola.

‘the art of manifestation’ will be on display at solebox Vienna from October 5th 2023 until February 3rd 2024.