How Do You React? #soleboxelementary

5. Juli 2018

This time we even took it one step further. To re-release the highly sought after Nike React Element 87 we came up with our very own solebox lab station wherein various chemical experiments had to be completed to get access to the shoe. Afterwards, we opened our doors to our official party with multi-faceted all-around creative Heron Preston behind the wheels literally getting ham with us.

2 weeks prior to the event sneakerheads could register for kind of paper chase to be regularly fed with information on where, when and how to get a second chance on the Nike React Element 87. The React restock was only accessible at a secret venue in Berlin at a certain prior communicated time. The location itself was however only shared one hour prior via our social media channels. Thus, we were highly impressed that half an hour later more than 100 Reacts fans were already queuing in front of the venue.

Our solebox Prof. Dr. Simon Bus (Turnschuh TV) authentically guided through our elementary experience during which our air lovers needed to pass various experiments to get the right to buy the shoe. Once decided on a liquid, you further had to pass on to our lab station where it got mixed with another liquid. Trickling a proof on a given test stripe, the level of excitement increasingly stepped up not knowing which color the chemical interaction may turn to. Sneakerheads were heavily relieved seeing a red color on their stripe allowing to grab their favored React model.

Straight after we opened our doors to our party where multi-faceted designer and also one of the most premiere open-format DJs in the game Heron Preston was literally killing it. Also a huge thanks to Pretty B and Nico Adomako bringing us their finest bangers!

Hope you guys all had as much fun as we had on our elementary journey! Shoutout to everyone comin‘ over!

Special Thanks to Jameson Irish Whiskey, Beefeater Distillery, Thomas Henry, VELTINS and fritz-kola.