MBCY for ON Running: Roger Clubhouse

8. März 2021

ON Running’s latest addition to their line is available now at MBCY – another collaborative iteration of the Roger Clubhouse silhouette in various color options. As the most expressive member of THE ROGER series, it combines innovative technology and a unique retro look. Vegan leather overlays are an ode to the 90s and create even more of a sneaker feel than the other models from the eponymous series.

Multi-faceted is this shoe – from style to technology. Literally: the superficial overlays give it its special look and with its trendy design, THE ROGER Clubhouse breaks every Wimbledon rule. At the same time, its aesthetics are reminiscent of sturdy tennis shoes of days gone by. But let’s not just talk about externals, but also about the inner values. A performance insole combined with an inner sock construction provide a comfortable feeling.

The timeless silhouettes support a sleek and modern, monochromatic look. Available now online via mbcy.com.