The Berlin Archive of Basketball Courts: AJ1 Low ‚BLN‘

3. März 2021

We recently teamed up with Jordan Brand to set-up a visual project that creates a selected archive of Berlin’s basketball courts. From the wire street cages to its solitary hoops and plush central courts, this is a curated documentation of the city’s known and unseen basketball culture. The archive is freely available and is made with the support of the Jordan brand to commemorate the launch of the Air Jordan 1 Low ‚BLN‘.

Check out the archive via!

The archive includes a variety of basketball court recommendations throughout the city. Additionally, we involved some of our community members in the project, asking them about their favorite spots and their connection to Jordan and the city.

The platform is not meant to be a one-off: we are taking a long term approach and plan to do more projects and releases through the platform.