MBCY for the Lacoste Loop Polo

24. Februar 2021

Launching it’s Lacoste Loop Polo, the French brand gives a refreshing twist to its bestseller with an unprecedented recycled version using cotton from surplus Lacoste polos. An eco-friendly loop, available at MBCY.com!

A Classic Fit polo comprised of 30% cotton that has been extracted from surplus polos.

30% is the percentage of recycled cotton fibers in the composition of the Lacoste Loop polo. Extracted from Lacoste polos that never made it to the shop floor due to small imperfections in appearance, these recycled fibers are spun together with 70% virgin cotton, guaranteeing the impeccable drape for which Lacoste polos are known.

Each polo shirt is unique, tells its own story, is sustainable and thought-through. This is the approach the brand also wants to bring forward with the project, appeal to the younger generation and make a statement.

The colorways in heather gray and midnight blue reflect Frankfurt’s city colors. For this reason, MBCY has produced a series of exclusive cider mugs together with Lacoste – the so-called ‚Bembel‘. Soon to win via Instagram!