Nike Air Max 1 Amsterdam with sor and Josbros

17. März 2020

Nike is releasing two new Air Max 1 models in the upcoming City Pack, honouring the cities of London and Amsterdam. With Amsterdam being one of the most prominent Air Max 1 cities globally, solebox wants to celebrate the Amsterdam-inspired Air Max 1 by acknowledging the importance of the Air Max 1 in the Dutch hip-hop scene. To shine a light on the new generation of talented Dutch artists, we teamed up with two upcoming, Amsterdam-based rappers, sor and Josbros, to talk about the city, their careers and the connection between Air Max and Amsterdam.

sor and Josbros, both young local rappers and producers from Amsterdam, showed us their everyday life in the city of Amsterdam. Get a glimpse of what they are doing in our two documentary clips below.

Both Air Max 1 models arrive dedicated to two different cities and each take on a very different makeover.

The Amsterdam model features a colour palette representing the city’s signature accents inspired by the brick buildings and cobbled streets in the center of the city. Additionally the Nike logo on the heel is enclosed by an embroidered top view of the Amsterdam canals. On the mudguard you can find the iconic three red Andreas crosses, which we all know from the coat of arms of Amsterdam.

Both Air Max 1 City Pack models will be available from March 19th via online only from US 5 – 13 for 160€. Make sure to check out sor and Josbros on Spotify.