Closing the gender gap with the AJ4 ‚Shimmer‘

31. August 2021

For the release of the Air Jordan 4 ‚Shimmer‘, we’re taking a closer look at women who raise the bar in male-dominated areas. For this purpose, we joined the most talented up-and-coming drummer from Berlin, Philo Tsoungui. Addressing gender stereotypes, she tells us about her breakthrough in a profession that was previously reserved for men.

The Air Jordan 4 ‚Shimmer‘ is all about meaningful stories created by women to inspire all. Stories where gender roles play no part and it is all about the individual. For this we joined Philo Tsounghui to share her story about how she experienced this.
„Growing up in a dominantly white society and entering a craft that is male dominated, it left me with a question of who I am.“, Philo Tsoungui explains. As a young, dynamic woman from Berlin, she succeeded in a man’s profession. Female drummers are rare and even rarer are those who make a reputation for themselves. However, Philo has made it and has already played with many of the biggest German hip-hop acts.

The shoe features a combination of polished leather and soft nubuck in warm earth tones. On the tongue is a Jumpman in Metallic Silver, which resembles a mirror in which you can see how comfortable you feel in your skin. The AJ4 ‚Shimmer‘ is available from September 3rd via and instore at all solebox locations.