Nike x Off-White™ »Football, Mon Amour«

11. Juni 2018

After the extraordinary success of his »The Ten« collection, Off-White founder Virgil Abloh continues his collaboration with sporting giant Nike creating a complete football line of jerseys, hoodies and, of course, sneakers – the Zoom Fly Mercurial X Off-White to be more precise.

Inspired by the looming 2018 FIFA World Cup movement and most particularly because of his personal love for the game, Virgil Abloh continues to deepen his collaborative partnership with Nike with his new capsule collection »Football, Mon Amour«.

The collection refracts football’s storied heritage through Abloh’s personal connection to the sport blending memories of his youth with his interests in mixing lifestyle and sport branding.

“The great thing about the vocabulary and history of football is that aesthetically it has its own look. I was always inspired by the way European teams have a sponsor printed over the chest. When I was working on this collection, I wanted to celebrate the different variants of typography,“ says Abloh.

Above this, all the jersey numbers refer to those Abloh wore during his playing years. (His personal affinity was by the way shared for long-sleeve Chelsea shirts)

The jersey’s black-and-white checkerboard is a subtle nod to Czech strips, while the logo, a lion juggling dots, pays homage to ubiquitous crests and the pattern of dots Abloh formed when thinking about how to basically explain the optimal place on the foot to strike a ball.

The Nike x Off-White »Football, Mon Amour« collection is set to release at solebox online and instore at solebox Berlin on June 14th – just in time for the start of World Cup 2018. So whoever still needs the perfect outfit to watch the games, the answer is here!