Nike ACG: All conditions means all conditions

1. Juni 2018

Nike’s high-performance subsidiary line All Conditions Gear (ACG), has been producing innovative athletic apparel and sports gear for all climates for nearly 30 years now. ACG has equipped urban-dwelling explorers and well-dressed mountaineers alike with gear able to handle whatever Mother Nature throws in our way: rain, sleet, snow—you name it. Along these, ACG kicks satisfy all the current desire for tech-y and utilitarian styles.

To put it short: ACG enables movement, protection and adaptability to attack any terrain in any condition still holding a fashionable lifestyle. Or: All conditions means all conditions.

Following this philosophy and aiming to drive maximum authentication of the upcoming ACG collection dropping June 1st, we made sure to put the collection in scene thoroughly matching ACG’s adventurous lifestyle. Thus, we set up a photoshoot with professional skydivers fully dressed in ACG apparel and kicks of the upcoming collection. Holding an adventurous attitude about life just like ACG stands for, our jumpers didn’t mind to repeat the flight a numerous time over a whole day to finally come up with the perfect shot. So one thing’s for certain, we distinctly kept our campaign true to that name: All Conditions Gear. Pretty simple really. On the ground and above.

This season’s collection you see on the pictures above clearly take inspiration from the 90’s coming along with an obvious retro influence.  A bright color palette of neon pink, blue and purple, as well as retro ACG graphics finds itself on a variety of pull-over jackets, tees, shorts, and caps.

The whole collection hits our solebox shelves on June 1st online and instore at solebox Berlin. Scan through our photoshoot and let us know which items probably end up in your closet so you don’t have any excuses for the next hike anymore.

Special thanks go out to the incredible team from TAKE OFF and FREE FLY for making this happen.