Recap: Mantisse by solebox x Sucuk & Bratwurst exhibition opening

10. Oktober 2023

What started with a simple spelling mistake that changed the name „Matisse“ to „Mantis,“  sparked a unique and innovative artistic interpretation by the creative collective, Sucuk & Bratwurst.

The Mantisse exhibition showcases a stunning blue praying mantis sculpture that has abstract proportions, capturing the essence of Henri Matisse’s „Nu bleu“ series. Along with the sculpture, there are ten miniature versions and three unique fine art prints, creating a diverse and captivating display.

solebox collaborated with Sucuk & Bratwurst to produce an exclusive capsule collection, available at the exhibition and online. This partnership showcases the intersection of fashion and art and highlights their creative synergy.

The exhibition’s opening event was a lively and vibrant affair, with drinks flowing, a DJ set by Bill Kouligas, and a lovely crowd. Guests had the opportunity to view the sculpture, prints, and miniature figures up close and purchase the exclusive solebox x Sucuk & Bratwurst apparel on site. The atmosphere was electric, and we want to thank the enthusiastic support of all the countless attendees.

The Mantisse exhibition runs until March 24th, so don’t miss your chance to experience this unique and exciting display. Mantisse by solebox x Sucuk & Bratwurst apparel is still available at the exhibition as well as via