#recap solebox x Ju Schnee ‚the art of manifestation‘ Vernissage

10. Oktober 2023

Last week we celebrated the opening of ‘the art of manifestation’ by interdisciplinary Austrian artist Ju Schnee in the gallery at solebox Vienna.

Creating a dialogue between the abstract painted world and the physical object, Ju’s metamorphosis series explores the combination of different media with traditional paintings and sculptures.

An overwhelming crowd attended the vernissage, where Ju Schnee presented a video to go along with the work on display.

The evening also saw the launch of the exclusive solebox x Ju Schnee T-Shirt and 3D prints of Ju’s sculpture, while DJ Tori Reichel provided the tunes from behind the decks.

We would like to thank everyone who came to check out the exhibition and made the event a success, as well as Fritz and Vöslauer for providing the drinks.

Only a few of the solebox x Ju Schnee T-Shirts are still available in-store at solebox Vienna. If you would like purchase one of the artworks, please send an email to thehub@solebox.com

‘the art of manifestation’ is on display at solebox Vienna until February 3rd, 2024.