‘Sneaker Eulogy’ with solebox x Eric Ng

5. Februar 2024

solebox Vienna will be hosting a new exhibition by Australian artist Eric Ng. Titled ‘Sneaker Eulogy’, this series of sneaker art captures collective nostalgia for a moment of time in sport and design.

Eric started drawing from a very young age, which quickly evolved into his favorite thing to do. His passion for sneakers went hand in hand with his love of basketball.

When the Sydney-based architect decided to downsize his sneaker collection, he started documenting every pair with its own detailed painting.

An architect by trade, his work is very critical and deliberate. The complex miniature paintings sometimes take multiple sittings of four to five hours over a couple of days to complete.

“The 90s basketball sneakers are the most fun to paint because of their layered construction and overall shape.”

All of his paintings are released as a limited edition of 24 as a tribute to his favorite basketball player, Kobe Bryant.

The exhibition will show a total of 61 sneaker paintings, including a special Eric Ng x solebox print, which will be handed out to the first 24 visitors of the exhibition.

‘Sneaker Eulogy’ will be on display at solebox Vienna from February 8th until August 4th 2024.