The biggest trends from Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2024

2. Februar 2024

In a time, when unexpected trends can go viral out of nowhere, the next big thing in fashion becomes ever harder to predict. Nevertheless, Paris Fashion Week is always a good indicator of what we can expect. With Fall/Winter 2024 in the books, we take a look at what the world of fashion and sneakers has to offer this year.

The post-pandemic era of fashion is marked by a shift in values within the industry, away from elitism and consumerism towards inclusivity and sustainability. Nevertheless, the designers presenting their collections for this year attempted to generate excitement for their runway shows with celebrity appearances, performances, and extravagant locations.

Conservative Style

The clothes were often less spectacular, going instead for traditional style and timeless looks. Following the quiet luxury trend, sartorial craftsmanship is the next low-key flex. Classic pieces like blazers, smart trousers and button-up shirts, tailored for the perfect fit, can be worn with streetwear staples for a deliberate aesthetic clash.

High-Waist Pants

It seems that we are already bouncing back from the brief revival of low-rise pants, confirming that the hemline does correlate with economic prosperity. While baggy and oversized styles probably won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, high-waist pants for men and women are on the rise, ranging from wide-leg and bell-bottoms to straight cut and cargo pants.

The inverted pyramid of menswear with narrow bottoms and wider tops is being upended. While the crop top trend appears to be here to stay, tight-fitting tops for men paired with wider pants are also becoming more popular.

Fashion is cyclical and the industry’s on-going obsession with the past is moving backwards from Y2K and 90s style to the glamorous 80s. Powerful shoulder pads are coming back, just like bold, puffy sleeves.


Consumers are also becoming ever more conscious about where their clothes are made, taking into consideration if the brands they buy align with their values. In light of this, a lot of big brands have committed to a more transparent supply chain.

But a current trend on the runways takes a more literal approach to transparency. See-through materials have gone in and out of fashion in womenswear for decades but this year we are seeing more menswear designers challenge masculinity with transparent fabrics.

The Next Samba?

Meanwhile, the world of fashion is still trying to find the next Samba, even though the classic indoor football trainer hasn’t really gone anywhere and doesn’t really need to either. But the lasting influence of the Samba’s momentum has brought attention to other timeless styles from the brand with the three stripes, such as the Gazelle Indoor and Handball Spezial. We’re hoping to see some more niche terrace silhouettes from the City Series and Island Series return.

Puma’s efforts to make waves in 2024 has not gone unnoticed. With the return Rihanna and Fenty, the German sportswear brand is looking to live up to the earlier success of the Creeper, supported by other strong partnerships with the likes of Pleasures and Coperni. And with the trend turning towards classic sneakers, Puma has a great archive of timeless silhouettes to draw on.

Back to Innovation

Technical trail runners and 2000s-inspired silhouettes have reminded people that sneakers are supposed to be light and comfortable. The sneaker industry is finally circling back to its innovative lightweight performance shoes, while the world of fashion is going a step further by creating socks that make shoes obsolete.

Another trend that has quietly revealed itself is patent leather sneakers. While recent releases have gone for classy and elegant style, you can expect more colorful executions this year.