solebox Episode 02: Massimo Taylor aka @sizetenplease

4. Dezember 2017

We all love sneakers. We all have this certain story behind our common passion that led us to our individual sole addiction. And sometimes our sneaker passion is yet the inspirational spirit for our entire life projects. Our format soletalk serves as a platform all around our local solebox communities, giving insights into various solelovers’ lives. solelovers talk – we listen.

soletalk finally comes up with episode 02. This time we take you on a journey to our solebox based city Berlin. Here we met Massimo – passionate sneaker collector, photographer and since recent times store manager of solebox Berlin. We spent an entire day with him strolling through the streets of Berlin to shoot the latest exclusive cooperation between solebox and Stance. Massimo aka @sizetenplease madly unites his two different obsessions giving proof that age is just a number not stating anything about the presence of precociously high developed skills.

Don’t miss to get a glance at Massimos inspiring story about creating and combining things you love.

soletalk – from solelovers for solelovers. Stay tuned for the next soletalk episode leading you throughout our solebox communities.

About Massimo Ianonne

Massimo Iannone – orginally from Bonn, Germany – recently moved to Berlin to take over the position as store manager solebox Berlin. Massimo is madly in love with sneakers, and, or particularly because of this, came up with his individual inspiring passion for photograhy. At his young age of 22, he has already developed to a well respected photographer in just a short time, extending his skills more and more from sneaker to also a lot of event photography.