solebox YUNG-1 / LOOKBOOK

16. August 2018

With the launch of solebox‘ iteration of Adidas Originals‘ No.1 hit – the YUNG-1 – ahead, we opened the stage to a supergroup of young talented photographers to create an outstanding composition on film. We invited @agathapowa, @kanescans, @massimo.taylor and @runnerwally for a unique session in analogue photography filled with good vibes and the sound of flapping wings and clicking shutters.

Each of those extremely gifted artists added his perspective to a compilation that reflects both heritage and style of the product. A living Falcon made sure we followed the linkage to the YUNG-1’s original story. “I’ll fix it in Photoshop later” wasn’t an option this time, as each photographer accepted the challenge to step back in time, resigning from the amenities of modern digital photography with the demand to instantly come up with the perfect shot.

16 film reels later and one day excitedly waiting for the developed content, we’d now like to invite you to flip through the pages of this lookbook to raise your excitement for the solebox exclusive colorway of the YUNG-1, dropping August 18th online (9PM CET) and instore at all our solebox stores.