solebox Exclusive YUNG-1 – All you need to know about its launch Aug. 18th

17. August 2018

After the chunky, ’90s-inspired solebox Exclusive of the YUNG-1 had already heavily circulated on social media the past weeks, its exclusive launch is finally approaching, set for August 18th.

The YUNG-1 takes cues from 1997’s released Falcon Dorf, whose naming can be traced back to the designers’ daily morning run passing a village called “Falkendorf“.

Thanks to an adapted shape our solebox Exclusive joins the current chunky trend without losing its original DNA. The premium iteration comes with a white gumsole, along with an upper, which consists of several beige tones, a light hairy grey and cream panels. To raise the speciality of our upcoming exclusive, each pair is stocked with two unique solebox pins for your personal customization.

While there’s no obvious solebox branding to signify this exclusive you do find a small green Trefoil logo on the tongue and green hit on the heel.

The solebox Exclusive of the YUNG-1 is finally launching August 18th online via (9AM CET) and instore at all our five solebox stores. It launches in a size range from US 6.5 to 12.5 and is priced at 130 €.