soletalk Episode 03: ICEBERG and Kane

20. Januar 2018

We all love sneakers. We all have this certain story behind our common passion that led us to our individual sole addiction. And sometimes our sneaker passion is yet the inspirational spirit for our entire life projects. Our format soletalk serves as a platform all around our local solebox communities, giving insights into various solelovers’ lives. solelovers talk – we listen.

With the third episode of our community format »soletalk« we are sharing a quite special version with you bringing together two different generations of air love.

This time we met up with «Master of Air» ICEBERG and young-talented photographer and sneakerhead Kane giving proof that Air Love goes way beyond generations. Both do share the same passion for Air, Bubbles and particularly the Air Max 98 but got their roots set in two completely different time epochs with each having his own unique story to tell.

ICEBERG, born and raised in the GDR, first got in touch with sneakers after the German Unification belonging to only a few scarce hunter and collector back then. While everything regarding Max and Bubbles has become his thing, his actual first cop constituted the Air Max 93 he found on the shelves of his trusted sporting goods store in the early 90s.

While Kane was initially stumbling across the AM98 in various Air Max History Sheets, his real attention for the 98er model was first caught by the Air Max 98 x Supreme drop. As the AM98 was an always hard-to-find model, the Supreme collab however constituted the first 98er finding the way to his feet back in 2015.

Don’t miss to dive with us into both icons‘ personal stories about their love to Air, which on the one hand are so different but same time so identically honoring the re-launch of the AM98 retro on January 26th.

About ICEBERG & Kane

Air Max lover and devoted collector ICEBERG possesses a number of rare gems that even Nike doesn’t have on their shelves. Born and raised in Leipzig as part of the GDR, he started hunting and collecting bubbles straight after German Unification, now stocking his own warehouse with more than 4.000 scarce models, 2.000 of them being Air Max.

Kane, 23 years old, born and raised in Hamburg, shares his passion for both sneakers and photography. He’s specialized in urban photography including architecture, lifestyle & sneaker-photography. If he’s not hunting for the latest Supreme stuff on Thursdays or exploring new shooting spots by bike, you might meet him on almost every sneaker fair where he’s not just flexing his lates cop but also proves his solid sneaker knowledge