Upcycling high-tech fabrics with GR10K

5. Mai 2023

GR10K has quietly gained a following in the fashion industry for its very technical approach to design. Founded by Anna Grassi in 2017, the Italian streetwear brand combines archival workwear designs with upcycled high-tech fabrics.

Grassi was inspired by the heritage of her family’s textile manufacturing company, Grassi SPA, which has been researching and developing technical fabrics for utilitarian workwear and personal protective gear for almost a century.

But unlike other workwear heritage brands, GR10K was founded to challenge the elitism of the fashion industry. Grassi set out to create more stimulating garments with elaborate references to youth subcultures, which are made in Italy using eco-friendly production methods.

At GR10K, “form follows function” while offering a different interpretation of workwear with functional materials and stylistically complex designs. Fabrics from bullet proof vests or flame-retardant gear intended for firefighters and security guards are repurposed for knit sweaters and shell jackets.

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