Recap: One Year Strong Brussels

10. Oktober 2018

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of solebox Brussels with our community, we organized an instore event on October 5th. With Kwistax on the turntables as well as enough drinks and food, we had a dope party with you!

About a week prior to our event we stuck the windows of the Brussels store with a QR code that could be scanned to sign up for the guest list.

During the event, our solebox Brussels store team distributed solebox branded banknotes which went as a ticket to join our live raffle for the chance of our secret restock. Several models got brought back onto our shelves and were available to our lucky raffle winners.

Thanks Brussels fam for turning this one year event into such a special night!

Hopefully everyone who came by had an exciting evening with us. Thanks to all visitors and again to our community – we appreciate your support. Onto the next year!